British Post-Punks THE SOUND Released Their Debut LP ‘JEOPARDY’ 40 Years Ago

2 November 2020

Band: THE SOUND (South-London)
Fronted by the late songwriter/guitarist Adrian Borland who passed
away in 1999, only 41. He committed suicide following a long battle
with severe depressions.
Released: 1 November 1980 – 40 years ago

Melody Maker wrote at the time: “Jeopardy is one of those records that makes
me want to throw all the windows open, crank it up to full volume and blast it out
to the world. It clears my head of boredom, strips away the gloom and single-handedly
restores my belief in the power of pop to make people stop, think and question. Jeopardy
has got more spirit, more soul and more downright honesty about it than any other
record I’ve heard this year.”
5/5. NME and SOUNDS also gave the LP a 5/5 score.

Single: Heyday

Full album…

THE SOUND: All Albums

In 2001 a tribute album with various artists came out.

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