Kraut-Dance Paradise With Debut Album ‘MOTORIK’ By Welsh Team GHOSTLAWNS

2 November 2020

Who: A Cardiff-based musical collective that combine live drums, synths and guitars to meld massive, atmospheric electronica with a dose of sub-bass. The band is a dynamic part of the Welsh music scene, with members playing in bands including Right Hand Left Hand, Gulp, Gentle Good, Cotton Wolf and with Can legend Damo Suzuki on stages across
the UK, Europe and the US.

Released: 30 October 2020 – debut album.

Key references: Orbital, Bass-O-Matic, The KLF, New Order, Renegade Soundwave

Turn Up The Volume: Welcome to Ghostlawns‘ symphonic synth paradise where sticky pop melodies foam in a swirling bath of stimulating electronics, ongoing motorik drum beats and twinkling guitars. An overall orchestral sound triggering your senses and all of your limbs. Middle finger to the lockdown, there’s no law against freaking out in your living room and it helps to activate your adrenaline production. And kraut-dance impulses are so much cheaper and more effective than therapy. Hit the floor!

Key tracks: Breaking Out / Motörik / When In Cathays

Stream/buy here…


(images via Beast Pr UK)

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