KATE BUSH Released Double Album ‘AERIAL’ 15 Years Ago Today

7 November 2020

Album: AERIAL – 8th LP
Released: 7 November 2005 – 15 years ago

The Guardian: “Aerial sounds like an album made in isolation. On the down side, that means some of it seems dated. You can’t help feeling she might have thought twice about the lumpy funk of Joanni and the preponderance of fretless bass if she got out a bit more. But, on the plus side, it also means Aerial is literally incomparable… Daring to walk the line between the sublime and the demented is the point of Kate Bush’s entire oeuvre. On Aerial she achieves far, far more of the former than the latter.” Full review here. Score: 5/5.

Kate Bush: “Obviously I try to make the best music that I can, but after about two years of making an album, you start to worry: ‘Is it going to come out all right? Is it all going to sound churned out?'”

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