BIG BLASTS FROM THE PAST – 5 Knockout LPs Turning 15 In 2021

These five top albums celebrate their 15th anniversary in 2021

1. Show Your Bones by YEAH YEAH YEAHS (New York)

Released: 28 March 2006 – second LP
Alternative Press: “The sort of second album that, rather than being a sophomore
slump, makes you anxiously wonder what albums three, four and five will sound like.”

Stream here…


2. Whatever People Say I Am That’s What I’m Not by ARCTIC MONKEYS

Released: 23 January 2006 – debut LP
The Guardian (UK) said: “The spectre of Oasis lurks around Arctic Monkeys, proof that even the most promising beginnings can turn into a dreary, reactionary bore. For now, however,
they look and sound unstoppable.”

Stream here…

3. Black Holes & Revelations by MUSE

Released: 3 July 2006 – fourth LP
NME: “Muse have made a ridiculous, overblown, ambitious and utterly
brilliant album, with more thrills than their previous three put together.”

Stream here…

4. Riot City Blues by PRIMAL SCREAM

Released: 5 June 2006 – eight LP
The Guardian wrote: “On the one hand, it is conservatism dressed up as rebellion, derivative, self-parodic and very, very, stupid. On the other, it boasts an energy and a shamelessness that demands you abandon your vast array of reservations. No mean feat.”

Stream here…

5. Back To Black by AMY WINEHOUSE

Released: 27 October 2006 – second and final LP
AllMusic wrote: “Although Back to Black does see her deserting jazz and wholly embracing contemporary R&B, all the best parts of her musical character emerge intact, and actually,
are all the better for the transformation from jazz vocalist to soul siren.”

Stream here…


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