Bored Millionaire Rock Star IAN BROWN Desperately Wanted Attention…

17 December 2020

First things first. THE STONE ROSES are one of the best bands of all-time in my book.
They made one of the best debut LPs ever. And their 1994 concert in London is one
of the most memorable gigs, I ever witnessed.

Back to 2020. Last September the Roses’ bored millionaire frontman IAN BROWN desperately wanted attention. So he developed a pandemic conspiracy theory: the government exploits the dramatic virus situation to scare us and control us and wrote
an awful song (as he wrote so many awful songs during his solo career) about it called ‘Little Seed, Big Tree‘.

“THE GREAT RESET, the plandemic planned, designed and
executed to make us digital slaves.
was one of his stupid,
childish statements about the ongoing coronavirus.

Well, this is what happens when a rock star smokes weed all-day
long and is tired of counting his Stone Roses-cash-in-reunion-money

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