The Late Great MARC BOLAN And T. REX Released Their Self-Titled LP 50 Years Ago

18 December 2020

Band: T. REX
Active: 1967-1977

Album: T. REX – fifth LP
Released: 18 December 1970 – 50 years ago
Note: The record’s front cover was unusual, requiring a sideways look
to unfold the cover, or to have the artwork sideways to remove the LP.

AllMusic / Marc Deming said: “If Bolan was reaching for the big time with
T. Rex, he also sounds like he was letting out the rock star that had always lurked
within him, and there isn’t a moment here that doesn’t sound like he’s singing
from his heart and soul.”
Full review here. Score: 4/5.

Turn Up The Volume: The psych-folk years of Bolan before becoming
a massive 24-carat glam star.

Marc Bolan: “There is so little time for us all; I need to be able to say what
I want quickly and to as many people as possible
.” He died in a car accident
in 1977, only 29.

Stream album…

T. REX: All Albums

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