Coming Soon… Brand New Album By CLAP YOUR HANDS SAY YEAH

3 January 2021

Who: American indie band formed in 2004, that
turned into the solo project of Alec Ounsworth
over the years.

Album: NEW FRAGILITY – 6th album
Release: 12th February 2021
Details: here

Alec Ounsworth: “These songs are politically motivated, which
is unusual for me. t’s about what I think we’re all experiencing at the
moment, certainly here in the United States, anyway, trying to move
forward amidst an almost cruel uncertainty.”

Singles: Where They Perform Miracles / Hesitating Nation / Thousand Oaks

All 3 here on Spotify

CYHSY: Facebook

(photo by Turn Up The Volume! Brussels – Belgium)

Important TUTV note! CYHSY wrote one of the best tracks of
this century with Over and Over Again (Lost and Found)
(from self-titled 2005 debut LP)…


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