Start A Mosh Pith In Your Kitchen With TRAUMA LANES And Their New Beastly Single ‘KING OF THIEVES’

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22 January 2021


Who: 24-hour party animals from Ontario, Canada

References: Alexisonfire, Cancer Bats, Every Time I Die,
The Holly Springs Disaster, Refused

Track: KING OF THIEVES – new single – from upcoming EP Nosferatu,
a collection of vicious tracks that feature prominent members of the
local hardcore scene.

“Ever moshed by yourself in your kitchen while cooking?
That’s what we want our fans to be doing”
says the band.

Score: Trauma Lanes‘ earsplitting racket sounds as if punk, hardcore, and metal crash
into each other with the crushing force of two high-speed trains coming from opposite directions. I heard that this is the demoniac and deafening noise Satan himself plays
when he throws a flaming party in hell. Yes, mephistophelian helter-skelter is what’s coming at you here. This deranged bluster is what you need when you want to start
a mini mosh pit in your kitchen (before you start making spaghetti).

Time to move the table and the chairs and
trash your lockdown demons


(photo via Presstown PR)

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