VAN DER GRAAF GENERATOR Released Their Acclaimed Album ‘STILL LIFE’ 45 Years Ago

Back in time…

16 April 2021

Who: Highly acclaimed prog-rock band out
of Manchester fronted by Peter Hammill
Active: 1967–1972, 1975–1978, 2005–present / 12 albums

Album: STILL LIFE – 6th LP
Released: 15 April 1976 – 45 years ago

AllMusic / Steven McDonald wrote: “VDGG’s second step on the mid-’70s comeback trail
saw Peter Hammill attempting to meld the introspective and the cosmic throughout, though
this did not stop him from taking a dead run at a grandiose concept or two, the consequences of immortality on the title track, and the grand fate of humanity on the epic ‘Childlike Faith in Childhood’s End.’ The theme of humane cooperation informs the opening “Pilgrims,” while “La Rossa” is an epic tale of desire fulfilled (a story that would be concluded on Hammill’s solo album, Over). The true highlight, however, is the beautiful, pensive ‘My Room (Waiting for Wonderland),’ with its echoes of imagination and loss. Hammill did not achieve such a level
of painful beauty again until ‘This Side of the Looking Glass’ on Over.”
Score: 4/5.

Turn Up The Volume: Prog-rock with a heart and soul.

Full LP…


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