Out Of The Blue ENTER SHIKARI Surprise With A Passionate Homemade LP

20 April 2021

Band: ENTER SHIKARI (St Albans, Hertfordshire, England)
Who: Noise-core-rockers active since 1999 / seven albums (so far)

Released: 16 April 2021

Info: A companion album to their 2020 LP Nothing Is True & Everything
Is Possible
. As the pandemic prevented the group from touring the album the
band soon started their Live At Home series playing songs from ‘Everything‘.

All those Live At Home sessions, a couple of covers (Bowie’s Heroes is pretty cool),
some solo performances by frontman Rou Reynolds and more special moments
are now collected on this new record that landed out of the blue last Friday.

‘Nothing Is True & Everything Is Possible’ artwork

Rou Reynolds (frontman): “With no live shows, and no real contact with the rest of the band, it was nice to at least be able to do some remote sessions together,” reflects the vocalist. ​“It was also interesting to develop acoustic and alternative versions of some of the new tracks. These performances went some way to filling the gaping hole in our lives!”

Turn Up The Volume: This is an awe-inspiring, intense and feverish record. Most of all the acoustic versions of recent songs (and a couple of covers) burst with passion, melancholia, and ardency. Lockdown blues at its emotional best. Fantabulous surprise.

From the Live At Home sessions…

(David Bowie cover)


Full album…

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