THE ROLLING STONES Released Their Reggae Album ‘BLACK AND BLUE’ 45 Years Ago

Back in time…

21 April 2021

Active since 1962 / 23rd British and
25th American studio albums (so far).

Album: BLACK AND BLUE – 13th LP
Released: 23 April 1976

Rolling Stone magazine wrote at the time: “In a way, Black and Blue is an admirable
album just for its refusal to bow to the past. A few songs here try to sound like “Brown Sugar” and “Tumbling Dice” and those few aren’t the best ones. Still, the Stones have problems. Keith Richard recently has seemed to run out of melodic ideas altogether and, like the majority of their post-Exile on Main Street repertoire, the new numbers are based on loose riffs rather than tight song structures. Consequently, the music lacks energy. Like the Who or any rock band, the Stones are obsessed in their way with age and time, but unlike the rest, they’ve matured with confident gracefulness. For Soul Survivors, I guess, dying before you get old is simply not relevant.”

Turn Up The Volume: One of my favorite summer albums.
Simple but effective. Cocktail music for the sunny days.

Singles: Hot Stuff/ Hey Negrita / Fool To Cry




Album in full…

THE ROLLING STONES: Website – Facebook – All Albums

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