THIS MORTAL COIL – Third And Final Album ‘BLOOD’ Released 30 Years Ago

Back in time

23 April 2021

Who: British music project created and led
by Ivo Watts-Russell, founder of legendary
indie label 4AD.

Album: BLOOD (double LP – 21 tracks)
Released: 22 April 1991 – 30 years ago

Artists: An extended cast including guests such as Deirdre Rutkowski, Kim Deal, Caroline Crawley, Tanya Donnelly, Dominic Appleton interpreting songs by Syd Barrett, Gene Clark, Mary Margaret O’Hara, Pieter Nooten, David Roback (Mazzy Star) and many more.
Full list here.

Pitchfork wrote: “In some ways this felt like the most American record they’d done yet, given cover choices like Spirit, the Byrds, and Emmylou Harris… Listening to it again in a time when styles are so easily appropriated, it’s actually shocking to hear a band approach those sources so intent on reinterpreting them in their own image. From the opening original “The Lacemaker”, all strings, echoes, and tones, to the slow stomp and grind of “Ruddy and Wretched” and a delicate version of Mary Margaret O’Hara’s “Help Me Lift You Up”– and even the almost light breakbeats of “Loose Joints”, it’s another catch-all that holds together.” Score: 9/10.

Blood in full…

4AD: Website

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