HELMET Cover GANG OF FOUR – Double ANDY GILL Tribute Album Coming

23 April 2021

Artist: HELMET
Who: Veteran noize-niks from NYC

Cover: IN THE DITCH by British post-punk heroes GANG OF FOUR.

Track from forthcoming Andy Gill (GOF’s late mastermind) double tribute
LP The Problem Of Leisure with great names such as Tom Morello (RAGTM),
Serj Tankian’s (System Of A Down), Massive Attack‘s Robert “3D” Del Naja,
Warpaint and more. Out next month. Order info: here.

Page Hamilton (Frontman Helmet) about their choice: “I chose ‘In the Ditch’ for
this tribute ’cause it’s a great song even though it was challenging. It feels improvised
and random at times but holds together as a composition… My old pal Henry Rollins
reissued the Gang Of Four albums ‘Entertainment!’ and ‘Solid Gold’ back in the ’90s
and asked me to do liner notes for ‘Solid Gold’. I don’t remember what I wrote, but
I know it was glowing, corny and fanboy. “

Here comes Helmet

The original – hard to beat…

An introduction to the tribute album by Andy Gill‘s widow Catherine Mayer

GANG OF FOUR: Facebook

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