Old Friends SPARKS And TODD RUNDGREN Team Up Again For A Mini Pop Opera

New sonic impulses…

24 April 2021

Philly icon/multi-instrumentalist TODD RUNDGREN produced the 1977 debut album of kooky brothers SPARKS. And now, after 44 years, the stars of the past teamed up once again for a new song called YOUR FANDANGO.

“They sent me this song that sounded substantially like a finished product, except for the fact that I think there was some placeholder stuff that was meant to be developed a little further and they just never got around to it. I started just dressing it up and adding some vocal parts, writing some lyrics for it. And, in the end, you know — they sent me the track, I sent back what I did to them. We were both happy with it, and the label’s happy with it because they’re going to put it out.” says Rundgren about the collaboration.

Your Fandago is pretty special and also Sparks-esque,
actually a mini pop opera

SPARKS: Facebook

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