21 May 2022

Last week FLORENCE + THE MACHINE launched new album DANCE FEVER.

And since yesterday a deluxe edition of the longplayer has been available.
It includes acoustic versions of 4 songs from the album and one cover.

The cover is Florence Welch‘s version of The Stooges
1973 blast Search And Destroy (from the Raw Power LP).

Welch: “I was thinking about Nick Cave, I was thinking about Leonard Cohen. I was thinking about how, in some ways, although everyone undergoes huge changes, their physical bodies – especially moving through touring – have been allowed to remain unchanged and they can commit their body entirely to the stag. In the singing, I’m trying to still embody them. In the lower baritones, I’m trying to do a Leonard or a Nick or an Iggy Pop.”

Florence sounds a bit like Siouxsie Sioux here and searches not to destroy
this Stooges punk classic. Instead, she turns it into a Machine belter.

Nice one,

The raw Stooge power original


Metalhead OHP Is A BAD GUY

20 May 2022

Israel-born and LA-based metalhead OHP (OREN HALMUT) is
a cover fanatic of mega pop hits from superstars such as Depeche
Mode, Starship, Amy Winehouse, Britney Spears, Everlong, Lenny Kravitz

and more. Every week he’s hammering one.

Here’s one of his most recent drones. I’m sure Billie Eilish
would aprove of this bad guy’s heavy metal version of her
cracking chart-topper.

Wham bloody wham bam…

The original

Check OHP’s YouTube channel for more cover fun HERE

Toronto Heroes MARTHA AND THE MUFFINS Cover Ska Legends THE BEAT

12 May 2022

Remember MARTHA AND THE MUFFINS? There’s a big chance you do,
as their biggest hit Echo Beach (1979) has more than 31 million streams
on Spotify (so far).

The band emerged from the early punk/new wave/art-pop scene in 1977 playing
in various Toronto before meeting the world. Founding members Martha Johnson
and Mark Gane are still rockin’ the boat.

They’re back with their cover of SAVE IT FOR LATER, a hit of British ska heroes
THE BEAT. It was initially transformed for use on season three of English comedy-
drama series Sex and  Education.

Martha and The Muffins‘ take of the song is zippy, vivacious, and sickly
catchy. You should save this earworm at least until summer.

Here we go…

The Beat’s original

Want more Muffins? Check their 2021 compilation of rare singles, B-sides assembled
on Marthology: In And Outtakes. You can stream/buy the collection via Bandcamp

Sexy TOYAH (Too Sexy For You Tube) And Lonely Boy ROBERT Cover THE BLACK KEYS In 9 Takes

8 May 2022

(Still from the video clip)

It’s Sunday. It’s Toyah and Robert day. The tandem is simply
unstoppable. Today the comical pair picked The Black Keys
megahit Lonely Boy.

YouTube labeled the duo’s video age-restricted, so you need to go
directly to YT to see the clip. Why? Because Toyah looks terribly sexy?
Are you serious, YT? Incredibly ridiculous!

Check it out for yourselves, folks…

The Black Keys original

Smells Like Your Own Summer – Rowdy Philly Rockers Cover NIRVANA And DEFTONES

Artists doing other artists

6 May 2022

Rowdy Philly rockers RID OF ME unleashed
two bold covers of two grunge giants.

The first one is their mind-blowing and thunderous take on
Deftones‘ riff-insane 1997 smack My Own Summer (Shove It).

Bang your head here…

The Deftones original…


The second cover is Rid Of Me‘s wailing guitars interpretation
of Nirvana‘s timeless blockbuster Smells Like Teen Spirit

Smell here…

I guess you heard the original before…

RID OF ME: Facebook

Mission accomplished, have a drink, guys

(photo press – FB Rid Of Me)

ANIKA Covers PSYCHIC TV (Genesis P-Orridge)

29 April 2022

Last year German singer-songwriter ANIKA scored with her first album
in 11 years. CHANGE was one of the most fascinating 2021 LPs in my book.

New (to me, anyway) is that she’s a fan of the late great unconventional
Genesis P-Orridge and his band PSYCHIC TV. He was an experimental
artist who turned dance music upside down.

Anika picked GOD STAR one of his most famous crackersto cover.

“Genesis is a big inspiration, the humor and investigation element in their work. I remember going to a talk in NYC where G recommended that no-one finish art school. I like this concept. Perhaps it leaves things unfinished and room for the individual to grow shoots, continue on their own journey. Perhaps this is like music school or any creative school. I think G specifically thought the place was bull and that they could do it better on their own terms, which turned out great. They also told a story about an art school work, which involved a used tampon in the shell of a clock. It was called Period Piece. I like the humor in this piece and the deconstruction of social boundaries. They are for sure an inspiration, in how to do things your own way, carve out your own path and don’t worry too much about what other people are doing.”

Anika‘s magnetic take…

The original

Anika’s North American/Canada Tour

ANIKA: Facebook‘Change’ album on Spotify

TOYAH And ROBERT FRIPP Won’t Get Fooled Again

24 April 2022

And on the seventh day – a couple of years ago – TOYAH and her
dear man ROBERT FRIPP (King Crimson) created their Sunday Lunch
as a fun pastime while being locked up in their kitchen due
to that shit virus.

I wonder how much longer this comic
duo will invade YouTube on Sundays.

Anyway, don’t get fooled again by them, folks…

The original

TOYAH: Facebook

Powerhouse Rockers BLACKTOP MOJO Cover Soul Legends THE TEMPTATIONS

20 April 2022

Sturdy Texan rockers BLACKTOP MOJO shared a surprising acoustic cover a couple of weeks ago, of timeless classic My Girl performed (written by Smokey Robinson and Ronald White, by Motown’s soul legends THE TEMPTATIONS in 1964.

Blacktop Mojo: “We love the original tune. Everyone grew up listening to it. There’s definitely something special about Motown and that era of music and there’s a reason why artists like the Temptations have stood the test of time. However when you’re having a bad day, or maybe having it out with your lady, and a song like “My Girl” comes on, while nine times out of ten it’ll cheer you up, sometimes you just don’t want to hear a happy love song. Sometimes you’re in the ‘Lonely Hearts Club’ instead, and that’s where our version comes in.”

The band have a live version of the song too. Although with much respect for
the original Blacktop Mojo color it with their own magical touch. Just great.

Matt James: ”We wanted to play the song live in a place where you could really feel the dilapidation of a broken heart. We snuck into this old church here in Palestine and the natural reverb in the room was incredible. The cracked stained glass and paint peeling from the walls of a place that was once so magnificent was definitely reminiscent of a love that had been lost.”

Be impressed here…

BLACKTOP MOJO: Facebook – Website

The classic original…

Blacktop Mojo on tour

All dates and tickets HERE