THE DURUTTI COLUMN – Deluxe Edition Of 1994 LP ‘SEX & DEATH’ Out Now

7 May 2021

Band: THE DURUTTI COLUMN (Manchester)
Who: The project and band of guitarist Vini Reilly (67)
who started his still ongoing career in 1978.

Big fans…
Brian Eno ‘s all-time favorite album is TDC‘s 2nd LP LC (1981)
RHCP‘s guitarist John Frusciante: “Reilly is the best guitarist in the world.

Vini Reilly himself: “People say the Durutti Column is this or that. I don’t care,
so long as we make good music. There’s screaming feedback on some tracks,
heavy metal guitar, Spanish picking. It’s not just this ethereal trip. Don’t listen
to the form, never listen to the form. Listen to the content.”

On the cover of The Wire – 1995

Album: SEX & DEATH – originally released in 1995
via Factory Records – the band’s 11th LP

Select (British music magazine) wrote at the time:
The perfect easy listening album for 1994″

Info: The writing and recording of Sex And Death closed an uncertain
period for Reilly and the group following the collapse of Factory Records
in 1992. Factory founder Tony Wilson remained in post as manager of the
band, but Sex And Death would be the band’s last album with producer
Stephen Street, famed for his work with Morrissey, The Smiths and Blur.

Deluxe Edition: Expanded 2xLP and 2xCD edition.
Newly remastered with several bonus tracks.
Released: 23 April 2021 via Factory Benelux
Order info: here.

Stream full original LP here…


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