Hard Riff Rock Engine SCARVED Hit Bullseye With New Crash And Smash Album ‘FLASHBACK’

11 May 2021

Who: A female-fronted hard rock squad from Belgium, combining both the Classic Rock from the ‘70 and the rock & metal music of today. The group formed in 2013 and, after some line-up changes, they can’t wait to conquer the world with their brand new album.

(Photo: Mabl Photography @ Manu Bloemen)

Album: FLASHBACK – 3rd LP
Released: 7 May 2021 via Sleaszy Rider Records

Turn Up The Volume: Whispers about the return of concerts/festivals – oh my, finally! – are getting louder and louder. So, take all necessary precautions in order to be rockin’ ready when the gates open. Put on your black leather jacket, oil your vocal cords and practice your head-bang movements while testing your speakers’ flexibility with this brand new hammering Scarved album. A merciless tsunami of razor blade riffage – think AC/DC, Guns ‘N Roses, Judas Priest, Van Halen, Kiss and many more mental metalheads, with right in the middle of all the mean machine frenzy aflame vox Caro Verboven. Don’t mess with her or she’ll hate you more every day. Feel the heat coming? The smell of green fields? The blast of heavy live rock? We’re getting closer every day. Keep on rehearsing!

Be ready, press play, go nuts…
Stream/buy Flashback here…

SCARVED: Facebook

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