ELVIS COSTELLO – His ‘MIGHTY LIKE A ROSE’ Album Released 30 Years Ago

13 May 2021

Born: Declan Patrick Aloysius MacManus
Active since 1970 / 31 studio albums (so far)

Album: MIGHTY LIKE A ROSE – his 13th LP
Released: 14 May 191 – 30 years ago

Rolling Stone wrote: “In time you can turn these obsessions into careers,”
sings Elvis Costello on ‘Mighty Like a Rose’. This is true. Almost a decade and
a half after emerging as punk’s brightest angry young man, Costello faces a
musical midlife crisis. Will his caustic anger, once so cathartic and cleansing,
congeal into bitterness?

Is he stuck romanticizing his pain, or will he break through to some hard-won
understanding and resolution?… While the bleak story lines still revolve around
bad relationships and indict others for the singer’s own problems, the music reveals
a more encouraging subtext. This is Costello’s most ambitious and adventurous
in ages.” Score: 3/5

Single/clip: The Other Side Of Summer

Full album…


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