New York’s 70s Glam Nights And Aftermath Mornings – New Album ‘DADDY’S HOME’ By ST. VINCENT Out Now

15 May 2021

Artist: ST. VINCENT (New York)

New album: DADDY’S HOME – 6th LP
St. Vincent: “Daddy’s Home collects stories of
being down and out in downtown NYC. Last night’s
heels on the morning train. Glamour that’s been up
for three days straight.”

Released: 14 May 2021

Rolling Stone says: Annie Clark has framed her frenetic and unabashedly retro new album Daddy’s Home as a kind of reckoning. Her father has returned home from prison, where he served 12 years for his involvement in a multi-million-dollar stock manipulation scheme; in the meantime, Clark radically transformed her St. Vincent music persona, evolving from a small-time indie artist with a cult following to a self-proclaimed “near-future cult leader” within pop music. While her last album Masseduction peered at her newfound fame through an electro-pop funhouse mirror, Daddy’s Home looks backward, examining Clark’s relationship with her father — and her own self-discovery with “becoming Daddy,” as she’s put it — through the
funky stylings of Sly Stone, Pink Floyd, and other artists of the mid-Seventies.
” Score: 4/5.

Score: The lady of sensual pop returns to the aftermath of the glam drug days of New York’s nightlife in the 70s, when white lines were popping up everywhere. The soundtrack at play features echoes of David Bowie, Stevie Wonder, Lou Reed, Harry Nilsson among others. From Perfect Day to Fame and a lot of slo-mo reflections in between. Most of the critics rave wildly about Daddy’s Home, but I’m not convinced yet. Let’s have a couple of more spins and hear what my ears have to say afterward.

Singles/clips: Pay Your Way In Pain / The Melting Of The Sun / Down



– DOWN –

Stream/buy album here…

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