Self-Titled WARREN ZEVON Album Turned 45

19 May 2021

Artist: WARREN ZEVON (Chicago)
24 January 1947 – 7 September 2003.
He died of mesothelioma, only 56.
He released 12 studio albums.

Album: WARREN ZEVON – 2nd LP
Released: 18 May 1976 – 45 years ago

AllMusic/Mark Deming wrote: “Warren Zevon was a ten-year music industry
veteran who had written songs for the Turtles, backed up Phil Everly, done years
of session work, and been befriended by Jackson Brown… The songs here possessed
a steely intelligence, a winning wit, and an unusually sophisticated melodic sense, it
was the album that confirmed he was a major talent, and it remains a black-hearted
pop delight.”
Score: 4.5/5.

Warren Zevon: “To me, the message of my songs, of all songs, is “enjoy life.”
My message as a person who evidently doesn’t have much more planned is
the same. It’s the only message I ever thought art had any business having.”

Stream album here…


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