Manchester Duo LOSSLINE Still Has The Blues – Listen To Their New Lullaby ‘EMILY’

New sonic impulses…

18 May 2021

Who: A Manchester singer/songwriter tandem who loves to write
sad songs and recently collected them in an affecting lockdown blues
album called Fading Affecting Bias.

New single: EMILY – brand new single

Score: The good news for us – probably not for them – is that the pair
still have the blues and therefore wrote another affecting, sad song. One
to tap your feet along, to whistle along, or to hum along. I know they feel
trapped in a dead-end town, but feeling miserable now and then makes
you start thinking about how to get out of the dark place you’re in and do
things differently for the better, isn’t it? Well, it works for me.

One more thing. Why didn’t anybody tell me that good old Ray Davies
is back? Emily could have been a song of his. He was a Kink of moody
songs about feeling related AND connected to daily reality, and feel
good about it in the end.

Light a candle, stare at the wall
and drift away…

LOSSLINE: Instagram

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