Deranged Space Star Wars Gang ED BANGER AND THE KARDASHITS Can’t Stop Crashing And Burning

3 June 2021

3 June 2021

Who: Ed Banger – from Switzerland – and his
VERY LOUD gang. He comes straight from the
Tanqua’puv galaxy, and crashed into Earth.

EP: CRASH AND BURN (Five Thrilling Tales
From The Spaceman That Should Not Be)
Released: 26 May 2021
Buy: here

Info: “Let Ed tell you the story of his adventures on earth in five thrilling songs. From his
arrival on earth (Crash and Burn) to his first encounter with humans (Day after). His first
love story and first break up (LSH Love Sex Hate) and his addiction to videogames (Videogame Freak) and the end of a long drinking night (Stone Cold Drunk). The record includes also short stories keeping the songs together to create a full ‘fiction radio show’ adventure of just over
18 minutes. What else do you need?”

Turn Up The Volume says: Sounds like Rammstein having a very long booze session
with Slipknot while shooting around with laser-powered blaster firearms on their new illegal video game and having sex, aaargghhhh, humans. Get the very loud and deranged picture? Yep, your clash and burn Doomsday party starts here, motherfuckers. What else do you need? Bang Bang Bang!

Turn up the shit here…


Shit, shit, shit, shit, kardashits

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