New PONY HUNT Album ‘VAR!’ Out 25th July – Hear Juxebox Singles ‘WHO ARE YOU’ And ‘STARDUST’

8 June 2021


Who: The musical project of New Orleans based singer/songwriter
Jessie Antonick. She’s consumed by her passion for songwriting,
building, and creating space—an eternally braided compulsion for
crafting and evoking emotion, for creating worlds where one’s spirit
can roam free—where a wandering mind can find home.

New album: VAR! – 2nd LP
Out: 25 July 2021 via Wing and Wing
Order info: here.

Info: “Antonick investigates the heart and mind entangled, looking to understand
how to be at home with one’s self, exploring the dualities of mind at play within her
journey of emotional connection, societal imposition, gender, lost identities and the
lesser understood– discovered variables amongst the seemingly ever still.”

Turn Up The Volume says: Pony Hunt creates music for shadowy midnight hours,
music to be played on a classic Wurlitzer jukebox, with all its bright colors, somewhere
in a late-night bar for only the lonely. Think Carole King, Joni Mitchell, Nancy Sinatra but
also Sharon Van Etten and Angel Olsen. Yes, pretty special.

Singles: Who Are You / Stardust


“I remember the warm sun shining on my face while feeling rather melancholy and nostalgic,
as I wrote Who Are You. A Roy Orbison inspired melody on my breath and the brief history of
a romance on the tip of my tongue.”


“A lifetime of external push and pull dictating who I am impelled me to explore my
relationship to societal imposition and gender identity through my own internal dialogue.”

PONY HUNT: Facebook

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