Chill Out With HAZE And Her New Single ‘CHROMOSOME’

Daily electricity to load your batteries…

14 June 2021

(Pic by Evy Ottermans)

Artist: HAZE
Who: Musical project of Belgian singer-songwriter Mirabelle van de Put.
After years of playing bass and doing backing vocals with several bands
she decided to pursue her own career.

New single: CHROMOSOME – 3rd single from her debut LP (see below)
About: “being stuck in old habits. Although the lyrics were written before
the pandemic, they are still relevant today. “Inside the bubble that you call
your home, is a trap you can not see.“

Score: Haze balances between the atmospherics of Cocteau Twins and the
mysteriousness of Portishead. A great place to be. This chill-out meditation
moves in slow-motion with a relaxing impact on your confused mind. Play
Chromosome in your dreams and see what happens.

Enjoy here…

Stream/buy her compelling
self-titled debut album

HAZE: Facebook

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