NIRVANA Released Rowdy Debut Album ‘BLEACH’ This Day In 1989

15 June 2021

Today 32 years ago, on 15 June 1989 grunge icons NIRVANA released
their debut longplayer BLEACH (its working title was ‘Too Many Humans‘).

Despite raving reviews the LP failed to chart. The record was re-released by
Geffen Records, 3 years later, in 1992 after the band became globally famous
with follow-up blockbuster album ‘Nevermind‘ that came out in 1991.

ALL MUSIC formulated the album’s true worth precisely well: “Bleach is more
than a historical curiosity since it does have its share of great songs, but it isn’t a
lost classic, it’s a debut from a band that shows potential but haven’t yet achieved
Score: 4/5.

Singles: Love Buzz / Blew


– BLEW –
(Smoking live version)

Album in full…
(Original tracklist: #1 – #11)

NIRVANA: Website – Facebook – All Albums

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