“The American Dream Is Not For Weak Soft-Hearted Fools” – JOHN GRANT On ‘BOY FROM MICHIGAN’

27 June 2021

Born in Buchanan, Michigan, U.S. – now living in Iceland, Europe.
Who: Former member of alt-rockers The Czars (1994–2006) / so far
he made 4 solo albums.

Released: 25 June 2021 via Bella Union

Info: John Grant arrived at the studio to begin recording his fifth solo record,
Boy from Michigan, on 1st March 2020. “So, basically right at the beginning of
the pandemic nightmare and all throughout the Presidential campaign,” he says.
For Grant, lockdown was largely academic. He is insular by nature and removed
himself from his native America in 2011, decamping to Iceland. From afar, the US
Presidential race loomed large, though, igniting potent memories of the country
which shaped John Grant. 2020’s temporary destabilising of world order suits
Boy from Michigan’s intent just fine.

John Grant on working with Cate Le Bon for this longplayer: “Cate and I
are both very strong-willed people. Making a record is hard on a good day.
The mounting stress of the US election and the pandemic really started to get
to us by late July and August last year. It was at times a very stressful process
under the circumstances, but one which was also full of many incredible and
joyful moments.”

NME says: “The electro-pop artist’s latest punctuates intense and dark
examinations of contemporary masculinity with moments of breathtaking
beauty… It’s an album that does not only confronts the cult of masculinity
and its endless tentacles, but ultimately overcomes it.”

Score: 5/5.

Turn Up The Volume: From nostalgia and heavyhearted reveries to
upbeat electro grooves (The Rusty Bull / Rhetorical Figure / Best In Me).
When you, like me, live in an uncertain weather country (Belgium) it’s
great to have records like these to keep your moods swings company
on rainy summer days.

Keylines: “The American Dream is not for weak soft-hearted fool The American
Dream can cause scarring / and some nasty bruising
/ The American Dream is
not for weak soft-hearted fools”
(from title track ‘Boy From Michigan.”

Singles: Billy / A Boy From Michigan



Stream/buy album here…

JOHN GRANT: Facebook

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