NEW: The Collected Works of JIM MORRISON

7 July 2021

Poetry, Journals, Transcripts, and Lyrics

About: The definitive anthology of Jim Morrison’s writings
with rare photographs and numerous handwritten excerpts
of unpublished and published poetry and lyrics from his 28
privately held notebooks.

Released: 8 June 2021
Hardcover – A New York Times bestseller

Available: via Barnes & Noble, Harpers & Collins,
Amazon and all other renowned online books/music shops.

Info: Created in collaboration with Jim Morrison’s estate and inspired
by a posthumously discovered list entitled “Plan for Book,” The Collected
Works of Jim Morrison is an almost 600-page anthology of the writings of
the late poet and iconic Doors’ frontman. This landmark publication is the
definitive opus of Morrison’s creative output—and the book he intended to
publish. Throughout, a compelling mix of 160 visual components accompanies
the text: excerpts from his 28 privately held notebooks—all written in his own
hand and published here for the first time—as well as an array of personal
images and commentary on the work by Morrison himself.

Full content:

Foreword by Tom Robbins; introduction and notes by editor Frank Lisciandro that provide insight to the work; prologue by Anne Morrison Chewning

Published and unpublished work and a vast selection of notebook writings

The transcript, the only photographs in existence, and production notes of Morrison’s last poetry recording on his twenty-seventh birthday

The Paris notebook, possibly Morrison’s final journal, reproduced at full reading size

Excerpts from notebooks kept during his 1970 Miami trial

The shooting script and gorgeous color stills from the never-released film HWY

Complete published and unpublished song lyrics accompanied by numerous drafts in Morrison’s hand

Epilogue: “As I Look Back”: a compelling autobiography in poem form

Family photographs as well as images of Morrison during his years as a performer

Hear Jim Morrison’s final poetry recording, now available for the first time, on CD or digital audio book, at the Village Recorder in West Los Angeles on his twenty-seventh birthday, December 8, 1970. The digital audio book also includes performances by Patti Smith, Oliver Ray, Liz Phair, Tom Robbins, and others reading Morrison’s work.


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