A Passionate Ode To Music – CASSANDRA RAFFAELE With Her Solo Single ‘MY ANARCHY LOVES YOU’

15 July 2021

Who: Celebrated Italian singer/songwriter, member of London
based soul trio EnnieLoud and now exploring her own way.

New single: MY ANARCHY LOVES YOU (great song title)

Raffaele: “It’s my declaration of love to music and what music does
mean to me: freedom, strength, resilience. During the pandemic explosion,
music became my refuge and only in those tragic human moments, I was
able to understand better what it means protecting what you love, with all
your efforts, even if we are talking about a spiritual love; if you want to keep
alive your art, you have to work and face the hardest moments too, and I did
it, and I am doing it.”

Turn Up The Volume: Raffaele celebrates the healing force of music in an
emotional, captivating and sensitive way. My Anarchy Loves You resonates like
a hymn, like an ode to music. It’s a romantic ballad with the passionate voice
of Raffaele creating an intimate atmosphere where she feels both grateful for
the past and hopeful for the future as her muse is still intact despite the scary
impact of these surreal pandemic times.

As our wounded world finally sees a rescuing light at the end of the tunnel,
musica will be totally free again and so will Cassandra also, I guess. I have
no idea what I should do without music’s infinite vehemence, my ever
faithful friend, in happy as well as sad days.

The video was directed by Matteo Casarini and choreographed by Alessio Vanzini.
It follows a woman as she meets all emotions performed by young dancers in the
immensity of a disused house which represents her troubled soul.

Listen/watch here…

Great music has no boundaries.
Here’s the original Italian version.
Like a female Bobby Solo


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