16 July 2021

Artist: ELVIS COSTELLO (age 66)
Active: Since 1970 / 31 studio LPs, so far

What: An entire Spanish reimagining of his
outstanding 1978 LP This Year’s Model
recorded with The Attractions.
Release: 10 September 2021 via UMe

I don’t know if it’s due to the past lockdowns with artists having a lot
of time on their hands following canceled tours and shows, but in the
past 18 months, some of them came up with some weird ideas. But the
most bizarre project so far is Elvis Costello joining (armed) forces with
his frequent collaborator Sebastian Krys for a full Spanish remake of
This Year’s Model.

The duo picked a cast of Latin artists to sing each and every song
of the original – now remastered – album in Spanish. Que pasa?

Costello: “Part of the fun of this project is its unexpected nature. Although,
I think people in my audience that have been paying attention are pretty
much used to surprises by now.”

Krys: “When Elvis told me the idea, it took me about 15 seconds to answer.
I have been in so many situations where I was trying to turn Latin artists onto
Elvis’ music. The feedback I heard most often was ‘I love it. I wish I knew what
he was saying.’ Spanish Model is an opportunity to turn an entire side of the
world onto this great record and through these voices, get these ideas out. ”

Pump up the first taster right here…


1. Nina Diaz – “No Action”
2. Raquel Sofía y Fuego – “(Yo No Quiero Ir A) Chelsea ((I Don’t Want To Go To) Chelsea)”
3. Draco Rosa – “Yo Te Vi (The Beat)”
4. Juanes – “Pump It Up”
5. La Marisoul – “Detonantes (Little Triggers)”
6. Luis Fonsi – “Tu Eres Para Mi (You Belong To Me)”
7. Francisca Valenzuela y Luis Humberto Navejas – “Hand In Hand”
8. Cami – “La Chica de Hoy (This Year’s Girl)”
9. Pablo López – “Mentira (Lip Service)”
10. Jesse & Joy – “Viviendo en el Paraiso (Living In Paradise)”
11. Morat – “Lipstick Vogue”
12. Jorge Drexler – “La Turba (Night Rally)”
13. Sebastián Yatra – “Llorar (Big Tears)”
14. Fito Páez – “Radio Radio”
15. Gian Marco y Nicole Zignago– “Crawling To The U.S.A.”
16. Vega – “Se Esta Perdiendo La Inocencia (Running Out Of Angels)”


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