Summer Of 2021 Love – Canadian Duo ROBINSON KIRBY Makes You Feel Very Good Anywhere

23 July 2021

Who: An indie folk-rock duo from Toronto.
Luke Robinson and Madelyn Kirby have been
writing and performing together since they
met at a College of Music.

New single: SUMMER OF LOVE

Info: “Luke and Madelyn simply wanted to create a “summer song,”
henceforth: “Summer of Love”. They agreed it would have to be a
song that just “sounded good played loud”, say, if you were driving
down the highway with your windows down on a blazing hot day.

Turn Up The Volume: A song you can hum along, whistle along,
sing along and tap your feet to is a pop-ular one with so-called hit
potential. That’s what happens here. A feel-very-good-anywhere
country/folk tune you can play in your car, at home, at work, in the
shower, in bath, in bed, almost everywhere, from morning till night.

This sweet little gem is a vivid anthem for this summer of 2021,
with the spirit of the 1967 summer of love in mind. Yes, it’s a hit.

The accompanying video is a simple, yet aesthetically pleasing lyric
video that sees the Toronto-based pair singing and jamming together
by some rocks at the shore of Lake Ontario.

Listen/watch/sing-along here…

While you’re here, check also the
duo’s debut EP Little Dreams
released earlier this year…

ROBINSON KIRBY: FacebookInstagramSpotify

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