DICK OF THE DAY – Acid House Junk LEG PUPPY Floats Eight Miles High To Utopia

27 July 2021

Who: Acid house junk from London.

New album: THE AIR IN UTOPIA IS POISON – 5th album
Release: 27 August 2021
Pre-order: here

Single: DICK PIC

Turn Up The Volume says: Get up, stand up and fight for your right to go
gaga with your partner(s) in crime to this dick of the day stomper. Time for
a good old illegal boom-boom-boom rave in your garage. Get that worn-out
car out of the way, hang that glittering disco ball you stole during lockdown
from your closed local discotheque to the ceiling, and invite your friends with
a dope profile. Now, pretend that your brain escaped and is floating eight miles
high to Utopia where the air is poison.

Hey boys, hey girls, superstar Puppy DJs, here we go.

Right here, right now…

comes your way on 27 August. Pre-order here.

Check the tracklist

LEG PUPPY: Facebook

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