THE WILDERNESS OF MANITOBA Announce New Album – Hear Emotive Lead Single ‘THE ALCHEMIST’

New sonic impulses

3 August 2021

Who: Folk/country/pop/rock outfit from Toronto, Canada led
by singer/multi-instrumentalist and founder, Will Whitwham.

Whitwham about the new line-up: “I’ve always been a believer in fresh
collaborations because everyone you meet influences your creative process
in some way. It’s up to you to decide whether they fuel it or stagnate it. In
this particular case, the four of us together was the best fit for the current
batch of songs.”

Out: 29 October via Pop Guru Sound & Vision

Lead single: THE ALCHEMIST
About: “Its story is a series of comparisons: the alchemist is
looking for gold in the silver lining in the same way that we try
to hold on to our fleeting memories. He tries to recall memories
without knowing whether he’s capable of doing so.”

Imagine the crystal clear harmonies of legendary bands the Eagles,
The Mamas and the Papas
, the Beach Boys, but also contemporary voices
Band Of Horses. That’s what my ears register, and they love it! The Alchemist
is a starry-eyed reverie, a polyphonic beauty that grows slowly but surely
in amplified emotiveness. Sepia-colored and romantic.

“The video clip combines footage that was filmed across all four seasons,
the scenes travel across memories of touring, old haunts, and locations that
I used to live or frequent and connects them with my current surroundings.”

Enjoy here…


New album FAREWELL TO CATHEDRAL out 29th October via Pop Guru Sound & Vision

(group photo via the band)

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