Sonic Post-Brexit Turmoil – London’s SHATTERCONES Drop Chaotic Noise Drone ‘BUTTERFLY ROOM’

Daily electricity to load your batteries

6 August 2021

Who: Frustrated noiseniks from London

Out 1st October via Gare Du Nord Records.

“A blend of filmic drone, spaghetti western gothic and nightmare
slo-mo surf music has hints and influences from Tom Waits to
Einstürzende Neubauten, via primal Nick Cave dramatics”


The first time I heard this cacophonous brain-breaker there’s one thing that
popped up in my mind: What the hell is going on here?. Well, hell is hat island
that doesn’t care about Europe. That island that didn’t care about the voice of
the young generation when the awful result of the 2016 Brexit referendum only
made the ‘Rule, Britannia’ fanatics happy.

In 120 mind-boggling seconds these Four Horsemen of the Great Britain Apocalypse
ventilate their frustration and anger about their country. Their sonic fulmination
sounds exactly like the current state of mind of the UK. Chaotic, confused, helpless
and afflicted by what the hell is going on here sentiments.

Here’s the new British anthem…


THIS SEPTIC ISLE EP out 1st October – more info here

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