THE KILLERS Release 2nd Album In A Year – Discover The Bruce Springsteen-esque ‘PRESSURE MACHINE’

13 August 2021

Band: Facebook
Active since 2001, twenty years / 7 studio albums (inclusive new one)

Released: 13 August 2021 – almost exactly a year
after Imploding The Mirage (20 August 2021)

NME says: “After two decades of bombast, the band’s contemplative concept album
finds frontman Brandon Flowers reconnecting with his roots… The past year has allowed
many big names the times to complete long-held fantasies (Paul McCatney’s ‘III’) or push
creative talents to their brink (Charli XCX’s ‘How I’m Feeling Now’), now ‘Pressure Machine’
joins them; not only is it a project we we may never have heard otherwise, but a deeply satisfying entry into their catalogue. It’s a homecoming of discreet intentions, not the
pompous heroes return they’re likely used to – the modesty and subtlety suits them.”

Full review here. Score: 4/5.

Turn Up The Volume: This time the bombastic rockers take another direction
to express their emotiveness. Moody, nostalgic, melancholically romantic with
frontman Brandon Flowers looking back at his teenage years in his hometown
Utah. Think Bruce Springsteen‘s sentimentality on his masterpiece Nebraska.

Not bombastic – big tunes – melodrama, but less orchestrated
melodrama (with a couple of upbeat exceptions).

For some critics, it’s too mellow. For me, it’s gripping mellowness
that works just fine when sentimental moments pop up.

Dim the lights…


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