THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN – 7 New Firecrackers Week 34

What happened this past week…

Turn Up The Volume‘s selection of
7 firecrackers from the past 7 days.

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Track by track…

‘Regularly Scheduled Programming’ by MY MORNING JACKET

The Louisville ensemble is back in town. New album Regularly Scheduled Programming comes our way on 22 October. Along with that announcement, they share the title track.
A slow-burning tower of song growing towards a sort of apocalyptic finale. Wow!

Check, it out…

‘Behave’ by SOHEILL (Nashville, US)

This fervent Nashville-based singer-songwriter hits big time with his new jackhammer. Sounds as if Bruce Springsteen turns up the decibels to the max and behaves like an 18-year old punk. The song “was inspired by reaching a point where you tell yourself, “Enough is enough!” I really want people to feel what I felt when I wrote this song and hopefully can use it as a catalyst for the kind of change they’re seeking in their life.”

I can’t get enough of this steamy stunner.

Here‘s why…

‘Dirty Water’ by DEBT NEGLECTOR (Orlando, US)

These red-hot-blooded Orlando misfits have a new LP
in the pipeline called Dirty Water coming in >October.

The razor-sharp-edged title track is: ““about the Flint Water Crisis and how ashamed
our country should be about letting it happen. We’re supposed to be “the richest country in the world,” but people were poisoned with dangerous levels of lead (among other cancer and illness causing toxins), people died, and many of the children in Flint will be dealing with lifelong health issues because of it.”

Anger, disbelief, and disgust fuel this spot-on stonker. An immediate
change is necessary. Now. All humans must be treated as humans.

‘Stratego’ by IRON MAIDEN

Just like heavy rock heroes AC/DC these veteran metalheads repeat themselves for years now. And nothing seems to suggest a change when I heard this new single. Same formula as ever… but once in a while, I need this sort of thunder to practice my headbanging.

Let’s run to the hills once more…

‘The Gods That Failed’ by IDLES (Bristol, UK)

Metal icons Metallica have two major commemorative releases lined up to celebrate
the 30th-anniversay of their self-titled breakthrough LP known as the Black Album.

What can you expect: A standard expanded reissue edition, available in various formats including a behemoth box set with 6 LPs, 14 CDs, and 6 DVDs. And a massive covers compilation called The Metallica Blacklist featuring no less than 53 artists interpreting
a Black Album track. Out in September.

UK punks Idles are also part of the anniversary firework.

They picked The Gods That Failed track.
Metallica never sounded this raw and blustery.

Enter here…

‘Flickering’ by JUNE BODY (Halifax, Canada)

This alternative rock trio, interested in hearts and brains combines guitar rock and catching poppiness in a most effective way. For 140 seconds you can’t control your toe-tapping feet and your head’s approving movements. Bingo. Their new album arrives October 1.

Follow the beat here…


The Magnificent Seven are about new firecrackers, but you’ll understand why
I included this golden Stones oldie. Goodbye Charlie Watts, we gonna miss you.

See/hear you next week, music junkies…

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