One Live Shot A Day Turns Summer… Into A Holiday (Or A Terribly Wet Concert Night)

26 August 2021

Oh my, oh my. Last Saturday I went, after 18 months (thanks to that awful Covid-019).
For a gig addict as I felt like never-ending torture.

But, finally, after that 1.5 year, I was at an open-air show (max. 5000 spectators and full vaccination proof) of dEUS one of my all-time favorite bands – on record and on stage – and one of the greatest in Belgian history, but also well-known all over Europe.

Guess what? I arrived about 1 1/2 hour before they came on and it started to rain, mildly. But a half later heaven’s gates went completely open and very quickly I was soaked to the bone, despite my raincoat. Of course, I was determined to stay. But it went from bad to worse. 35 minutes into dEUS’ performance I realized that I’m vaccinated against the coronavirus, but not for pneumonia, so I drove home at that point of time with a with
an awful hangover (not from alcohol).

Damned Damned Damned. I missed the best part, all their
boiling hits… like this supreme tour de force…

I’ll never forget this sucker punch…

(pics by Turn Up The Volume)

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