R.E.M. – 25th Anniversary Edition For 10th Album ‘NEW ADVENTURES IN HI-FI’

28 August 2021

Band: R.E.M. (Athens, Georgia)
Active: 1980–2011 / 15 studio LPs

Anniversary album: NEW ADVENTURES IN HI-FI
Released: 9 September 1996 – 25 years ago

AllMusic said back then: “Recorded during and immediately following
R.E.M.’s disaster-prone Monster tour, New Adventures in Hi-Fi feels like it
was recorded on the road. Not only are all of Michael Stipe’s lyrics on the
album about moving or travel, the sound is ragged and varied, pieced
together from tapes recorded at shows, soundtracks, and studios,
giving it a loose, careening charm.”
Full review here. Score: 3.5/5.

Turn Up The Volume: Certainly not their best, but How The West Was
Won And Where It Got Us, The Wake-Up Bomb
, Be Mine, and Departure are
ace songs.

Anniversary edition: “The bonus-filled 2-CD/1-Blu-ray Deluxe Edition offers a trove of audio-visual content, including the newly remastered album, 13 B-sides and rarities, a never-before-released 64-minute outdoor projection film (shown on buildings across five cities in 1996 to promote the album’s original release), and a previously unreleased 30-minute EPK. Additionally, the Blu-ray features New Adventures in Hi-Fi in stunning Hi-Res and 5.1 Surround Sound audio, plus five HD-restored music videos including “Bittersweet Me,” “Electrolite,” and “E-Bow the Letter.” Housed in a 52-page hardcover book, the collection includes archival photographs—many of which have never been published.”

Out: 29th October – more info here.

Taster: an alternate version of Leave

Original album…

R.E.M.: Facebook

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