LIAM is THE MAN! Back Live With A Choir Of 50.000

You either love him or you hate him.

I love LIAM GALLAGHER. He’s a solid gold rock ‘n’ roll star with tons
of scream-and-shout along crackers (mostly written by his brother
Noel and some of his 2 solo albums).

On stage, he’s the man (I saw him 27 times with Oasis and a couple of gigs solo)
everybody wants to see and hear, then and now. He doesn’t move when he’s singing
and sneering, he’s just there in the middle with his arms on his back, giving it all and making the crowd go berserk. That’s what I call a solid gold rock ‘n’ roll star.

And he’s back, the first time since the pandemic paralyzed the world,
entertaining a euphoric choir of 50.000, at Reading/Leeds festival in
the UK a couple of weeks ago. His entry on the podium is just spectacular.
Welcome to the show again, man!

“Hello, hello it’s good to be back…”


Photos by Turn Up The Volume – Brussels, 8 February 2020. My last concert before Covid-19.

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