Fiesta Time With Canadian Trio ROYAL CASTLES – Let’s Get ‘FRICKIN PRETTY’

Daily electricity to load your batteries

22 September 2021

Who: Indie pop rockers from
Guelph, Ontario, Canada

From their forthcoming sophomore
album, titled Just The Hits.

About: “Pretty people, the fleeting jubilance of youth, making out at rocking house parties, and the unabashed desire to ditch work and go to Mexico. “Like the colour pink, this song is joyful, vibrant, and fun. This anthemic celebra-rocker is the type of music that we want to be making and keep making – poppy, punky, and garage-rockin at its core.”

Turn Up The Volume: Now that the awful coronavirus lays on the carpet waiting for the final knock-out, we can rock in the – almost – free world again. Just what Royal Castles are doing with this new wild whooper. A solid gold rocker to go nuts to. C’mon let’s get out, let’s look frickin pretty and have freakin’ fun again.

Get up, stand up and fight for your right to climb over
the wall all the way to Mexico. Tiempo de fiesta…

ROYAL CASTLES: FacebookSpotify

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