BECK Released 10th Album ‘THE INFORMATION’ 15 Years Ago Today

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3 October 2021

Artist: BECK (Los Angeles)
Active: Since 1985 / 14 studio LPs

Anniversary album: THE INFORMATION – 10th LP
Released: 4 October 2006 – 15 years ago today
Score: #7 in the US, #6 in Canada

Rolling Stone said: “One of the best albums Beck has ever made,
starts with him going backward. “Elevator Music” is a mundane jumble
of talking blues and hip-hop bricolage that sounds like it should be on
a record called ‘More Mellow Gold’. The rest of The Information is just as
dense in its rhyme games, rhythmic details and overdub antics. But it is
a compelling overload, combining the sample-delic bloom of Beck’s best-
loved album, Odelay, and the folk-pop introspection of his least-understood,
2002’s Sea Change.”

Turn Up The Volume: Most of the critics praised and lauded the LP,
but to my ears – except for some strong moments like Elevator Music /
Nausea / Dark Star / The Information
– it’s a bit too much the Beck
we know for so long.

Singles/Clips: Nausea / Cellphone’s Dead / Think I’m In Love




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