EX-HYENA Create Darksome Electro Atmospherics With Haunting Jam ‘NIGHTMARE PILLS’

Daily electricity to load your batteries

3 October 2021

Band: EX-HYENA (Boston, MA)
Who: The musical project of Bo Barringer and Reuben Bettsak crafting the sound of an emerging dystopia, a sort of fantasy land that existed along the margins of reality and within the confines of the imagination. A very short time later, their music is simply the sound of our enclosed reality.


“‘Nightmare Pills’ displays seduction and deception for the purpose of a crazy
mind control experiment. It delves a bit into the idea of futuristic mind control
drugs that give the user nightmarish, psychedelic visions.”

Turn Up The Volume: Pretty quick into the song the early days of electronic
British legends Human League and Baxter Dury‘s synth pop sensuality (especially
the female voices) popped up on my stereo in my head.

It sounds as if this Boston tandem warns us for Big Brother’s ambition to brainwash humankind with mind-altering chemicals with this darksome, yet instantly striking
electro jam. Haunting, feverish, and gloomy are the keywords here. Best played at
night while being dazed and confused by the surreal times we experience the past
18 months. But I guess it’s not a good idea to play this to anti-corona-vaccination

Press play here…

EX-HYENA: Facebook

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