Brighton Dream Pop Duo SEADOG Released Their New 6-Track EP ‘FOOLHARDY’

25 October 2021

(Zara Pears)

Who: Brighton-based project of musician/songwriter
Mark Benton and Tom Chadd along with their eclectic
troupe of performers.

Released: 22 October 2021

Turn Up The Volume: One track (Foolhardy) was recorded in a studio,
one was (Old Joe) taped live at St. George’s Church in Brighton and three
pieces (Deadweights / Tidal Wave / Foolhardy) were canned while in quarantine
last year and one is a remix from the title track.

Seadog are daydreamers who translate their reflections into floaty pop melodies,
with Old Joe as my standout favorite. Smooth synths and starry-eyed vocals fortify
the overall relaxing atmosphere. Feeling blue? Than this EP is a fitting companion.

A bewitching live version of Old Joe

A creepy video clip for the title track Foolhardy

Full EP on Spotify…

SEADOG: Facebook

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