MILES KANE Loves The Good Old Days – Here’s New Retro Tune ‘SEE YA WHEN I SEE YA’

New sonic strokes

26 October 2021

Who: British pop/rock songsmith (35 years old)
Active: Since 2005 / 4 studio LPs (including new one)

Out: 21st January 2022

MILES KANE: “I wrote songs about big highs, big lows, daydreams,
true friends and deep feelings. I learnt to let the future unfold of its
own accord, while staying true to myself and that has led to what
feels to me like a really uplifting album!”

New single: SEE YA WHEN I SEE YA

This is, after lead single Caroline
and Don’t Let It You Get Down
the third piece Kane shares.

Kane: ‘See Ya When I See Ya’ is about being confident in yourself and
sticking to your gut whilst letting the Jekyll and Hydes pass you by.”

With this new track, just like with the previous two,
Kane traveled to the good old days for inspiration for
another retro tune.

Here we go…

MILES KANE: Facebook

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