Pure Sugar Pop Bliss – Bristol Tandem TINY DYNO Scores 24 Carat Gold Hit With New Single ‘STILL’

Daily electricity to load your batteries

17 November 2021

Who: Indie pop duo – Tom Kuras and Emily Gardiner – from Bristol, UK

New single: STILL
First taster from their upcoming debut EP

“Like all Tiny Dyno create, Still has a heart and a softness at core that lives
high in its lush shine. Vocals move against synth sounds that hang tight and
glitter while the song smoothly spins out and shimmers. The lightest of Coctau
Twins ties into Beach House. That cool Goldfrapp glam hits a Fleetwood Mac
hitch. Still is a song made of sweet melancholy and steeped in C86 tradition.

Turn Up The Volume: This pure sugar pop bliss feels good at first, better
the second time and the best with all other spins. Great pop-ular music is
about lifting up the listener’s mood to a euphoric level for about 3/4 minutes.
Easier said than done, many try many fail. But not here.

Still is a glorious harmonious touchy-feely gem that sticks from the kick-off with
Gardiner‘s tantalising voice and Kuras‘ vitalizing guitar ravishment. Add a delirious
chorus and you have a 24-Carat gold hit single. Fact!

Start the jukebox here…

Also on Spotify

TINY DYNO: Facebook

(Images via Colorama Records / Tiny Dyno)

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