Paranoid Party Dog LEG PUPPY Back In Da House With ‘FIVE’ Vibrant Vibrations

Extended Plays

22 November 2021

Who: Techno misfit from London


“Five tracks all over Five minutes, not one
mention of heartbreak, love and moving on!

Turn Up The Volume: This 5-track EP with five of Leg Puppy’s
Top-5 hits is what you need to kick another awful virus year in
the mouth mask face.

40 minutes of brainwashing dancefloor frenzy starting with the sassy
electro-rock stomper ‘Tears‘ delivered with trance-tastic Voi Vang vocals,
followed by a black paranoid sabbath orgy, a technotronic jam called NDA,
a schizophrenic Luid 23 juggernaut and a razzle-dazzle roller coaster doing
your dope profile in to end this Doomsday party.

FIVE is the EP to start and
end all Xmas diners with…

LEG PUPPY: Facebook

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