New striking strokes

29 November 2021


Who: London-based duo – Daphne Ang (Singapore) and
Andrea Papi
(Italy) – that fills a gap in music by bringing
literature, art, and history together into a space where
rock and metal meet electronica.

New single: THE PROPHET

“Our tribute to Sylvia Plath‘s poem, Lady Lazarus. Told through the
eyes of an advanced A.I robot who is “resurrected” with a destructive
super-intelligence, the song petitions for the ethical use of Artificial
Intelligence technologies to remind us that if we are not careful, we
might find ourselves with a technology that destroys the civilisation
that invented it – us.”

Turn Uo The Volume: We know by now that Samara and Manimal’s
musical virtuosity expresses itself in combining in an organically way
their love for poetry and metal helter-skelter in an original way.

The Prophet (remarkable artwork again) is a slow-burning torch with
hellish flare-ups of Rammstein‘s Götterdämmerung hysterics and roaring
rock riffage while Samara‘s spoken-word ode to the legendary American
confessional poet/writer Sylvia Plath hypnotizes and magnetizes.

Another capricious corker.


Today is the day
All the world is watching
The greatest show
Ever shown

The crowd is swelling
Barricades are bursting
A great gathering
The big maggot parade

Ladies and lesser men
Seekers of mysteries
You are about to witness
The greatest miracle
Ever performed

She returns
From the world beyond
Fresh from the crucible
Rise, Lazarus, rise

The Prophet

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Gone But Not Forgotten! THE TRIFFIDS

Three top moments from top bands from the past

29 November 2021


Who: Australian alt-rock band formed in 1980 by singer/songwriter
David McComb, his brother Robert, and drummer Alsy MacDonald.
McComb‘s songs were influenced by the total bleakness of his rural
upbringing resulting in songs of solitude and yearning desire.

McComb‘s life already ended at the age of 36 (on 2 February 1999), due
to heroin toxicity and complications following his 1996 heart transplant.


Active 1978–1989

1983: Treeless Pain
1986: Born Sandy Devotional
1986: In The Pines
1987: Calenture
1989: The Black Swan

Turn Up The Volume‘s 1-2-3 top Triffids moments…





Have A Rap-Ture Xmas With BLONDIE & FAB 5 FREDDY

Daily electricity to load your batteries

28 November 2021

Debbie Hary and Chris Stein teamed up with hip-hop pioneer
(real name: Fred Brathwaite) for a Xmas rework
off their 1981 hit The Rapture and named it Yuletide Throwdown.

Debbie: “It has been an impossible amount of time since I believed in Santa
Claus, but I could very well believe again if he was Freddy Brathwaite!! Some
of my best times have been making music with Chris Stein and Freddy B.”

Chris: “Freddy has done as much as any multi-platinum
selling Hip-Hop star to promote rap culture.”

Let’s rap it up, folks…

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TWIN RAINS – Fantasizing Dream Pop Duo Wanders Around In An ‘UNREAL CITY’

28 November 2021

Who: Dream pop duo – Jay Merrow and Mary Christine Stoesser – from Toronto,
Canada. The pair met as roommates in 2009 and within weeks were making music together, forming/breaking up an inde band and relesaing their duo debut album
Automatic Hand in 2016.

New album: UNREAL CITY

“The Unreal City. Its infrastructure is built on the backs of malnourished synapses, unable to make the distinction between impulse and conditioned response. Its streets are paved with all that glitters so that walking them hypnotizes and distracts. Its buildings are doomed, eternally reaching out of insecure origins raised up from shaky foundations and briefly held aloft by high ideals before succumbing to the pressures from the weather.

Turn Up The Volume: This Canadian pop duo invites you into their wondrous world.
A kind of Shangri-la place where glistering synths, sugary pop melodies, and Stoesser‘s wistful near-whispering voice create a hazy soundtrack for romantics, stargazers, wishful thinkers, and fantasizers with meditative moments (The Garden / Believe It All / Strawberry Moon), ambient and amplified compositions (Body Of Water / Unreal City / Nothing In My Purse) and trippy thrills (Anymore / All That You Know).

As we all know reality turned into surreality these past two pandemic years, so I’m sure
it’s pretty safe to join Twin Rains and explore the heart and soul of their unreal city.

Single/clip: All Of The Saints

Stream/buy UNREAL CITY here…

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BLACK SABBATH’s Guitar Hero TONY IOMMI Back With Music And Perfume

New striking strokes

28 November 2021

Black Sabbath‘s guirar hero TONY IOMMI is back – since
the band’s 2013 album ’13’ – with new solo music and his
own brand of perfume!

Iommi: “My fans will think I’ve gone mad. It’s something I would’ve never
thought of involving myself in. But it’s been nice to be involved in it.”

Smells like Iommi spirit

So now you can smell good when listening to his brand new smelly
single SCENT OF DARK. A bombastic and melodramatic haymaker.

Sniff here…

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Manchester Misfits CHEW MAGNA Grab You By The Throat With ‘LISTLESS’

Daily electricity to load your batteries

27 November 2021

Who: Rowdy noiseniks
from Manchester

New single: LISTLESS
Cacophonous blast from
upcoming debut LP

Laurie (frontman): “Listless is mostly
about wasting an abundance of potential.”

Score: All cylinders and burners on from the kick-off. No brakes.
No looking back. Expect an extended 70 seconds supersonic instrumental
intro, followed by buzzing vocal electricity before all hell breaks loose with
an adrenalized shot of guitar-crazy hysteria. Wait, it’s not over yet.

The helter-skelter restarts until the abrupt finish. I had to take a break before
I let the whirlwind overwhelm me again and again and again. A red-hot-smoking
shock-wave of maddened energy. Holy moly!

The accompanying Lynchian-meets-Bo Burnham video was created and filmed
by the band in a single day, in a cleared-out spare bedroom on zero budget.

Roll the tape and go nuts…

You can buy (name your price)
here on Bandcamp…

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