TWIN RAINS – Fantasizing Dream Pop Duo Wanders Around In An ‘UNREAL CITY’

28 November 2021

Who: Dream pop duo – Jay Merrow and Mary Christine Stoesser – from Toronto,
Canada. The pair met as roommates in 2009 and within weeks were making music together, forming/breaking up an inde band and relesaing their duo debut album
Automatic Hand in 2016.

New album: UNREAL CITY

“The Unreal City. Its infrastructure is built on the backs of malnourished synapses, unable to make the distinction between impulse and conditioned response. Its streets are paved with all that glitters so that walking them hypnotizes and distracts. Its buildings are doomed, eternally reaching out of insecure origins raised up from shaky foundations and briefly held aloft by high ideals before succumbing to the pressures from the weather.

Turn Up The Volume: This Canadian pop duo invites you into their wondrous world.
A kind of Shangri-la place where glistering synths, sugary pop melodies, and Stoesser‘s wistful near-whispering voice create a hazy soundtrack for romantics, stargazers, wishful thinkers, and fantasizers with meditative moments (The Garden / Believe It All / Strawberry Moon), ambient and amplified compositions (Body Of Water / Unreal City / Nothing In My Purse) and trippy thrills (Anymore / All That You Know).

As we all know reality turned into surreality these past two pandemic years, so I’m sure
it’s pretty safe to join Twin Rains and explore the heart and soul of their unreal city.

Single/clip: All Of The Saints

Stream/buy UNREAL CITY here…

TWIN RAINS: Facebook

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