London Trio LITTLE VICTORIES Strikes A Chord With Soul-Stirring Single ‘LOVE GETS ME DOWN’

New striking strokes

26 November 2021

Who: British three-piece, alt pop band laced with dancing guitars, twin vocals and a homemade 6 string bass. A kaleidoscope of genres, the band is a one stop shop for all your emotional needs calling on influences such as The 1975, Bon Iver and Oh Wonder. Consisting of three different musical souls, Marcus Gooda, Nay Shalom and Sam Rose, collectively the trio pen relatable music with the hopes to connect with audiences
around the world.


A confessional track detailing a rough patch with mental health
whilst the people around you can’t or don’t understand why.

“We wanted to be personal and relatable whilst also keeping
the reasoning ambiguous,
explained the band.

Score: Only the trio’s second single.

Mental problems, still a difficult issue to talk about with family and
friends, (as I – unfortunately – know from personal experiences), let
alone with strangers.

I applaud anyone who shouts/sings/writes about it in an empathetic way.
And when you wrap these mind-crushing emotions in an accessible, breezy
and tender-heartened dancey pop tune with soulful twin vocals you have
my support.

Yes, easy-going communication, like pop music, helps
to get attention for sensitive and personal topics like these.

Enjoy this sweet little victory, right here…


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