Australian Noise-Explorers ’00_’ Share Twilight Video For ‘CLAUDIA’

Eye-catching video clips

3 December 2021

Band: 00_ (all oh nothing)
Who: An experimental rock band with a drip-fed, magnetic
sound. A warm damage, a gleaming vocal performance, a
coordinated racket of unhinged guitar smothered in a viscous
porridge of urgent drums and bass.

Last September this Melbourne outfit unleashed
their out-of-the-box jumping CA\YPTRA album.

And Turn Up The Volume was all ears: These Aussies share the spirit and
vision of bands such as Mogwai, Black Midi and Nick Cave’s The Birthday Party.
They also muck around with electrical noise but even rawer, messier, and more
chaotic than the aforementioned noise junks. 00_ build up, break down, throw
some out-of-tune violins in, here and there to pierce your ears, and create
overall a barbed wire hullabaloo for your favorite nightmares. Fascinating.

The band has a video out now for the LP’s track clauDia.

This is how it looks when reality
and surreality have a day out
in the country together…

Stream/buy CA\YPTRA right here…

00_: Facebook

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