Best Video Clip Of 2021 – ‘MAGIC MEDICINE’ By DEAP VALLY

30 December 2021

The Los Angeles rock Amazons DEAP VALLYLindsey Troy (guitar, vocals) and Julie Edwards (drums and vocals) – released their third LP called MARRIAGE (one of Turn Up The Volume’ top 10 albums of 2021) last month, with fervid firecracker MAGIC MEDICINE as the lead-single.

Deap Vally: “Magic Medicine is a song five years in the making, born in Allen Salmon’s Nashville studio, and raised in Josiah Mazzaschi’s Cave Studio back in LA. Initially, a song about being high on what-have-you (body chemistry, lab chemistry, nature’s chemistry) the lyrics have taken on a new meaning in the era of coronavirus, a moment when more than ever we need a miracle cure to make it safe to have fun and feel free again.”

Warning: the accompanying video clip will make you high.
A great reason for Turn Up The Volume to name this video
‘the best of 2021’.

Roll the tape, ladies…

Get married here…

DEAP VALLY: Facebook

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